Idea behind the Invention – SANKALP RTE PRODUCTS

Voice Of Sankap - Episod 6 - Pranab Mishra


The Business Development Head of Sankalp elaborated on how Sankalp’s ready-to-eat products are the best kitchen-savvy solutions making your cooking hassle-free.



“Nowadays, both partners are going to a job and it is not less than a challenge to get dinner ready on time. To solve this daily struggle, Sankalp has come up with ready-to-eat products that can be prepared in minutes and not lose their nutritional value.”



The brand discovered the most faced struggle of these days- lack of time to prepare healthy nutritious food and spending money more than required on ordering food online or dining in restaurants to get rid of the cooking hassle. 



This leads to the addition of the ready-to-eat category to Sankalp’s product line. Sankalp’s ready-to-eat category is not just time savvy but it eliminates preservatives and added flavours making it healthy and nutritious. 


The category is divided into 2 types: Ambient and Frozen which can be your perfect serving partner on any occasion- unexpected guests arrivals, already late to decide what to prepare for dinner, travelling abroad, trekking or camping and many such unplanned events. 


The category has a wide variety of authentic and organic which are available in pan India through portals and distributors for the quickest access to customers.