Inception story of SANKALP| From the desk of CMD| Dr. Kailash Goenka

Episode 01 Inception story of Sankalp From the desk of CMD Dr Kailash Goenka

Unwinding the most awaited series #VOICEOFSANKALP – insights of your favourite and most loved brand Sankalp.

“Started Sankalp Restaurant considering the crowd’s love for South Indian Food”

Dr. Kailash Goenka, CMD of Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd., shed light on the inception of the Sankalp Group and its evolvement in decades. He has also narrated the global expansion of the group in other spheres like Digital Media, Properties, Salons, Logistics, Hospitality and more. Over 200 outlets are being managed by the group, with an average of 15 new restaurants opening in a month. Further, he also revealed the keystone of Sankalp’s success – signature taste, highest standards of quality, hygiene, service, and customer satisfaction.

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