Sustainable Strategy – SAM’S PIZZA | General Manager – Jolly Christian

VOICE OF SANKALP Episode 04 Sustainable Strategy SAMS PIZZA GM Sams Pizza Jolly Christian

The General Manager of Sam’s Pizza phrased its sustainable strategy in this health-conscious era and USP behind its success.

“Pricing is not what you should play around with. It’s not the pricing that gets us the customers. Its quality, service and ambience; altogether make a restaurant successful.”

Founded and incorporated by Dr Kailash Goenka in 1999, the brand Sam’s Pizza was already taking into concern the health-conscious concept by offering a balanced meal and a wholesome diet to its patrons. Pizza at Sam’s is not just a ‘Pizza and Cheese’ as it also offers healthy salad, nutritional soup and hot starters. A great and famous concept of ‘Unlimited Meal’ was pioneered by Sam’s Pizza with the idea of making it affordable and available to the masses.

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